Finding Golden Age Comics

At the point when one considers terms, for example, old uncommon funnies, significant funnies or collectible funnies, you’re normally thinking about the Golden Age of Comics. Beginning with Action Comics #1 in 1938 and proceeding through the finish of World War II, the Golden Age of Comics sets the norm for comic book gathering.

Being a Golden Age comic book gatherer takes tolerance, cash and an eagerness to settle. Because of the age of these old funnies, they are substantially more hard to track down than funnies inside the previous 50 years. Discovering high evaluation duplicates of these funnies is close to unthinkable, causing the comic book esteems to soar.


As expressed, your system to finding these funnies ought to be: readiness to settle. 1. Bargain: in the event that you can’t locate the particular issue, is an issue in the title enough? 2. Bargain: be happy to acknowledge a lesser evaluation, high-grade is thought to discover 3. Bargain: value, the Golden Age comic costs are not modest.

Title or Issue?

Finding Golden Age funnies adopts a substantially more focused strategy to gathering than fresher funnies. It can take months or years to locate the particular issue you are searching for at the value you are eager to pay. In the event that you are happy to bargain, center around a specific title rather than the particular title and issue. For instance, on the off chance that you need the first appearance of Batman in Quite a while #27 on the grounds that you are a devotee of Batman, you might need to zero in rather on gathering titles in which he shows up. Criminologist Comics #27 isn’t available to be purchased time and again. Consider these other book titles with appearances from Batman: Detective Comics, Batman and World’s Finest Comics.


Evaluation ought to likewise be important for your pursuit technique. Finding a Near Mint (NM, 9.2) comic from the Golden Age would be troublesome and costly. On the off chance that you locate a comic you are looking for, yet the condition is Very Good (VG), you might need to purchase that funny since a higher evaluation duplicate may not open up for quite a while. A shrewd gatherer will get the issue they’re searching for when it is accessible. At that point, when the higher evaluation is accessible you’re searching for (one month from now or one year from now), you would then be able to exchange up.

Recommended Search Titles

Here are some recommended well known Golden Age titles by DC, Marvel/Timely and a couple of others:

o Action Comics

o Adventure Comics

o All-American Comics

o All Flash

o All Star Comics

o All Winners Comics

o Amazing Man Comics

o Archie Comics

o Batman

o Blue Beetle

o Blue Bolt

o Captain America Comics

o Captain Marvel Adventures

o Classics Illustrated

o Daring Mystery Comics

o Detective Comics

o Famous Funnies

o Flash Comics

o Four Color

o Green Lantern

o Human Torch

o Marvel Comics

o Marvel Mystery Comics

o More Fun Comics

o New Fun Comics

o James Gunn

o Sensation Comics

o Sub-Mariner Comics

o Superman

o Walt Disney Comics and Stories

o Whiz Comics

o Wonder Woman

o World’s Finest Comics

o Young Allies Comics

In the event that your preferred brilliant age comic book seller isn’t essential for our pursuit, bookmark the site and return normally. We need to ensure your collectible needs are fulfilled when you are searching for funnies available to be purchased.

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